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About Us

The Girl Friends, Inc. was founded in 1927 in New York City by African American women. With expansions to 48 chapters in major cities in the United States, charitable and cultural activities developed, resulting in a foundation, “Girl Friends Fund”, being established. The Foundation provides scholarships to college students in need of financial assistance.

Members of The Girl Friends, Inc. are involved in their communities’ educational, corporate, political, and humanitarian activities. Members of The Girl Friends, Inc. have been elected to Congress, served in a United States President’s cabinet, sat on local school boards, and are professionally involved in the educational, health, engineering, architectural and legal fields. Girl Friends members are corporate CEOs, investment bankers, physicians, attorneys, and national television political commentators. Their husbands, called “Boy Friends”, are equally successful professionals and play an important role at the Conference.

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Your contribution in support of our Conference in Cancun will provide exposure to nearly 1800 members of The Girl Friends, Inc. and their families throughout the United States. It will serve also to support the charitable and civic endeavors that have made The Girl Friends, Inc. a unique organization for 94 years.

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