Greetings from the Southern Area Director Sylvia Carter Perry

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On behalf of the Southern Area Executive Committee, I am honored to invite you to the 46th Southern Area Virtual Conference as we add a new dimension to our Southern Area experience. On June 11th and 12th, Links from across the Southern Area will meet in the virtual world where we will celebrate Par Excellence.

This year we are gathering at a time and place that will be recorded in our history. And, while we are saddened at the time away we spend from each other, we push forward, take advantage of the technology and dually bask in its opportunities and partake of it.

We are excited to offer you a full schedule of virtual meetings, workshops, gatherings and experiences that will educate, invigorate and celebrate who we are and what we do. Our agenda includes a wide variety of over 40 workshops designed to foster your chapter developing its best practices in every area from archives and rituals to membership and programs.

Throughout our virtual conference, Chapters will be recognized for their efforts to transform communities in the Southern Area in our program presentation. In addition, we will recognize our pivot to virtual programming, award our inaugural Chapter White Rose of Friendship Award, honor our legacy, in addition to engaging in friendship among our conference activities.

Serving as your Area Director for the past two years has been an honor for me. Together we have transformed lives and positively impacted communities. Please join me in Celebration of Par Excellence as we honor our past, assess our present, and recommit to the enduring legacy of The Southern Area.

Link Sylvia

Sylvia C. Perry
Area Director